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Spice Recipe: Rosemary Sage Brined Turkey

Rosemary Sage Brined Turkey: A Spice of Life Recipe Disclaimer: Spice Of Life Catering Co. is exempt from liability of any damage done to the reader’s abode and or Thanksgiving Day expirience due to the neglegence or lack of caution used when allowing a turkey to brine itself. Said turkey is to be killed, dressed and plucked before attempting to allow said turkey to “Brine Itself.” If said turkey is left to its own devices in a living state with all brine igredients mise en placed out and ready to assemble do not be surprized if said turkey runs laps around your house, claws at your carpeting, pecks at your children and takes a crap in your sink. I cannot stress this enough, turkeys are destructive, unpredictable, and dumb as hell. Please ensure said turkey is dead, dressed and plucked before embarking on this briney adventure. Here’s what you need: 2 Gallons Water 2 Cup Kosher salt … READ MORE

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Q+A with Our Executive Event Planner, Jess Andjeski

  Event Planning wasn’t exactly something Jess was, well, planning. Once she received her degree, she took some time to find her groove, content as a bartender and with no rush to climb a corporate ladder somewhere. (If you’ve met Jess, you know that she’s the kind of person you’d want to spill your guts to over beers at the bar.) It wasn’t until she was introduced to Chef Ben Bebenroth through a mutual friend that her passion for throwing unparalleled parties was revealed. For the past four years, she’s been a major force in executing the Spice of Life Plated Landscapes dinners. But that’s not all – she does weddings, benefits, even intimate dinner events, and she takes each one on with a mindfully creative and sustainably focused approach to make it memorable for everyone involved. Read on for a charming interview with little miss party-planner herself, Jess Andjeski. … READ MORE

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Spice Kitchen+Bar First Look: Turret & Rooftop

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