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Grab your garlic, folks! It’s planting time!

Who doesn’t love a little garlic in their lives? Here at Spice, we can’t live without it. To prepare for the restaurant opening, we’re in full-blown menu planning mode. It came as no surprise that homegrown garlic is one of our key ingredients, slated to make an appearance in fries, aiolis, wing sauces, pastas, pizzas and a million other delicious things. So, we decided to plant a few more rows to keep up with kitchen demand. Here are some garlic planting tips & tricks that we’ll share at our upcoming Natural History of Garlic Dinner at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Planting time: In Ohio, Autumn planting is common, sometime around the first frost between mid-October thru mid-November. Europeans often plant on the shortest day of the year, but more for symbolic reasons than horticultural ones. You can also plant in very early spring (March or April), but this … READ MORE

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