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Heather Haviland + Andy Strizak: A wedding story

When well-known chefs Heather Haviland (owner of Lucky’s Café) and Andy Strizak (Director of Operations at Spice of Life) wed on a Monday (that’s a Saturday in chef-time) in the fall of 2010, it was a sensational pairing. Add Spice of Life Catering Co. to the mix and you have yourself one very delicious occasion. With the enlisted help of Chef Ben Bebenroth and his crew (Andy was not yet with Spice at the time), the party went off without a hitch. Below, we talk to Chef Heather Haviland about her big day and her experience working with Ben and Jess. Q. Why did you choose Spice of Life Catering Co. to cater your wedding? A. We really didn’t contemplate anybody else. It was mostly a matter of trying to sell Ben on the concept of executing an event that was conceptualized by Andy and I first. I’m a control … READ MORE

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Spice Kitchen + Bar Progress Report

Opening a restaurant is no joke, folks! We’ve exhausted our employees, family, friends and volunteers with our indecisiveness and demanding ways. Although the catering company continues to grow off the charts, and our staff resumes read like Cleveland Best-Of lists, we must keep reminding ourselves (and our future customers!) that we’re new to this restaurateur business. There’s a whole new level of tenacity required to push this boulder forward. Thanks for being patient with us! The last few months have been a whirlwind of action, decisions and more action. Beyond the million-dollar “What’s on the menu?” question, we’ve had to address a few unforeseen details: Oh, look, the turret roof is leaking – let’s send Ben up there armed with a very tall ladder and some blind ambition. The green we chose for the accent hallway is gorgeous in sunlight but resembles cat vomit at dusk – let’s repaint it … READ MORE

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