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The makings of a porkstrami sandwich.

Chef Ben Bebenroth has a very picky palate. As he should. He’s dined at the some of the world’s best restaurants. He rarely eats anything not made from scratch. And he’s been known to keep certain dishes in a constant state of development for weeks before they hit the menu (yeah, we’re talking to you, Andouille Burger). While this attribute is common to any successful chef/owner, it can be annoying sometimes, especially when it comes to choosing a place to eat on date night. (psst. honey, there’s more than one restaurant in town. love, your wife). So when Ben’s reviewing the St. Pat’s specials and says, (quote) “This could be one of the best f*ing sandwiches I’ve ever had, ever. Seriously. It’s damn delicious.” we all sit up and take note. Kudos to Chef Brandon Walukus for inspiring this rare response. Here’s the story behind Brandon’s Corn Beef + Porkstrami Sandwich, … READ MORE

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