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The Plated Landscape Adventure

You may have seen this picture in the private dining room at Spice Kitchen + Bar… It’s a Plated Landscape dinner, circa Mackenzie Creamery, Spring 2012. This shot actually turned out much better than the previous year, which had us scrambling for a rain plan. We packed into Jean’s charming farmhouse, and were rewarded for our temporary inconvenience during third course. There’s always a story to be made at a Plated Landscapes event. We’ve been throwing these farm parties for seven years now to celebrate the growing season. It’s also a chance for guests to get to know the farmers, and learn about their land. Once seated, guests settle in. Surrounded by the richness of the landscape, they toast with strangers, dine under the sunset, then finish the last bite by lantern light. We hope you’ll join us for our 2013 season, when we’ll feature a collection of six of … READ MORE

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Q+A with Spice Sous Chef, Rebecca Traxler

Rebecca may have acquired her craft working long hours in some of Cleveland’s top kitchens…but she got a head start in her family’s kitchen, standing alongside her mom when she could barely see over the countertop! If that doesn’t melt your heart, maybe this bit of awesomeness will – Rebecca grew up on a blueberry farm. That’s bonus points in our book. Rebecca believes that you always take out what you put in. Hard work has led her to be Spice Kitchen + Bar’s Sous Chef, and she’s an important part of what makes the end product so sensational. Q. You’ve worked in some pretty great kitchens in your career. What’s different about working in the Spice kitchen? What’s a typical day like? A. As a chef you strive to put the best food out, but it’s hard when you don’t have the best ingredients. It’s so nice to have … READ MORE

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