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A chicken change of heart

This writer has never liked chickens. Chicken salad, yes. Buffalo chicken wraps, sure. Chicken soup for the soul, fine. But real, live, cluckin’, crappin’ hens? They can go suck an egg. So when Chef Ben Bebenroth started his chicken coop search for Spice Acres Suburbia, he had some convincing to do first. “They’ll fertilize the crops with high-nitrogen poop for the compost.” “They eat a lot of pests – ticks, grasshoppers, bugs.” “We can save money on eggs at the restaurant.” “The eggs will be more nutritious.” Upon winning the chicken battle on the home front, he proceeded to build his coop out of leftover wood from the old Spice Kitchen + Bar patio fence. Ten chickens (courtesy of Brunty Farms) arrived in the winter and instantly made themselves at home. The coop gave them shelter from 2012 blizzards and they huddled up to keep warm enough to produce up to eight … READ MORE

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posted on by Jackie Bebenroth

Sun Kissed Cocktails

Summer’s almost here, folks! And with it – outdoor entertaining season. Are you ready? You might have your grill menu all figured out, but what about the party punch? In the hot summer months, few things are more refreshing than an icy cocktail that keeps the party cool and the conversations flowing. In that department, our Bar Manager, Dave Hridel, has you covered. Sure, you can come enjoy our farm-to-bar cocktails on the Spice patio anytime… …but if you’d like to DIY our drink list for your next patio party, we can help you there too! Introducing our Farm-to-Bar cocktail classes, where you’ll learn learn THREE different cocktails with ONE seasonal ingredient, including practical tips + tricks that you can take home to truly impress your guests. Weather permitting, we’ll host our summer series classes on the patio. You’ll enjoy an entertaining tutorial on three preparations, followed by a largish … READ MORE

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