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Say (Ohio) Cheese!

“OHIO’S CHEESE INDUSTRY IS VERY EXCITING RIGHT NOW!” shouts Jean Mackenzie over the hum of a bus carting 25 people down I-71 in route to three Ohio creameries. Edible Cleveland‘s first food tour is designed to shine the light on exactly what makes Ohio cheese so enticing, such as… Nationally ranked, award-winning artisan cheese makers. Consumer demand** opening new doors for cheese makers in local grocers, shops and restaurants. New organizations, like the Ohio Cheese Guild, that strengthen the cheese making community through support, education, and promotion. Our journey started at Yellow House Cheese, the 4-acre farmstead creamery of a young family, who live in a… Forty sheep are milked twice every day to produce rich varieties of blue cheese. Did you know that it takes about two minutes to milk a sheep, one for each teat? Each sheep yields about a quart of milk a day, and it takes about 4 … READ MORE

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