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Q+A with Plated Landscape Dinner Host and Owner of Muddy Fork Farm, Monica Bongue

Chef Ben first met Monique of Muddy Fork Farm more than 7 years ago at the Shaker Square Farmers Market and have since put on several (as in too many to count for Monica!) Plated Landscape Dinners at the colorful farm teeming with wildlife. On June 1st, they’ll host one of many more dinners highlighting Monica’s favorite vegetable of the season. Read on to learn more about this sustainable farm that’s tucked along the Mohican River in Wooster, Ohio and how Monica is doing her part to bring local produce and agriculture to consumers in Wooster and beyond. Q. Muddy Fork Farm, what’s the story behind the name? A. Our farm overlooks the beautiful valley of the Muddy Fork of the Mohican River. Also, forks and food just go together. Q. Did the farm life choose you, or did you choose the farm life? A. I’d say both. I grew … READ MORE

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