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Q+A with Chef Joshua Woo, Our New Director of Culinary Operations

For Chef Joshua Woo, cooking is more than just a job; it’s a way of life. Growing up around southern and traditional Asian cuisines, this particular chef (affectionately known as “Woo!” among the staff) brings a unique perspective to the culinary team at Spice. In this interview, we talk to the Cleveland boomeranger about his background, his opinions on the thriving Cleveland food scene, and his innovative ideas for Spice‚Äôs fall menu. This is your second time living in Cleveland: What brought you here initially? About seven or eight years ago, I came up to work after I had graduated from culinary school. Ben [Bebenroth] and I had worked together down in Charleston and we had a good rapport with each other. He was talking about starting his catering company and he needed some help so I decided to come up and help him. I actually lived in his attic … READ MORE

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