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The bar is set high.

Dave Hridel, our long-time startender, is leaving the company. Yes, it’s a sad day for all of us. We’ve genuinely enjoyed his quick wit, fancy ties, and extraordinary cocktails. He’s one-of-a-kind, a Cleveland institution, and he will be missed. Times change, as do people, and now we’re seeking a fresh face or two behind the bar. While Dave is irreplaceable, our next generation bar man or woman will still carry on the Spice service tradition. “Stylish, friendly, and refined,” according to Scene Magazine. Or, as one online reviewer says, “It’s like spending time with family every time we come in. Love you all.” The folks who work at Spice are those who share our sustainable values…all while placing great value in the fine art of showing our guests a good time. That said, here’s the formalities: Bar Manager Our ideal candidate is a consummate hospitality professional with a sense of … READ MORE

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So long, summer!

Today, as the first snow flies, we’re taking the afternoon to daydream about the fun we’ve had working in the sun. In memory of summer 2014, here are our favorite moments from the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park‘s Topography event. Here’s hoping for an indian summer before the blizzards begin!                           Special thanks to Karin McKenna Photography for the stellar shots.

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Turning Trash to Treasure: Composting Tips + Tricks

Spice Kitchen + Bar is on a mission. Not only do we prepare entrees and cocktails based on the seasons of our city, we aim to directly decrease our carbon footprint(s). How, you might ask? As the population increases around the world, so does our waste. More shoes, more food, more stuff. Of course we can recycle, reuse goods, buy vintage clothing, and so forth, but composting allows us to reduce waste and reconnect with the environment. At Spice, we’re moving forward in our most sustainable way. When every pepper has been pitted, every onion shelled, the scraps enter the compost pile behind the restaurant. So What? Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic matter. When you compost and use it as mulch in your garden, it naturally increases the organic matter in the earth’s soil. This organic matter is essential for plant development and growth because it increases the … READ MORE

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