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Are you in the weeds? Read this.

Each week, fifty Spice Acres farm share members receive an informative and inspirational email from our farm manager, Shawn Belt. Here’s an excerpt from Week five, including an important reminder for those of us who strive to live happy, weed-free lives. Farm Update July is officially the start of hardcore summer weeding and this year is definitely not disappointing on that front.  Currently we are freeing our tomatoes, basil, and peppers from their unwelcome bedmates.  As we have been weeding we have been finding countless green tomatoes, pepper blossoms, and beautiful basil.  It is exciting to see what will be available soon at the farm.  Weeding is kind of like opening presents because you find plants that you forgot you had planted there.  There is a peace to be found in weeding, in the uncluttering of your rows.  The removal of unwanted plants allows you to clearly see what you … READ MORE

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