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A small Victory in a place to call home.

Spice Headquarters: Before the Move

Welcome to our happenstance restaurant. We were seeking a new venue and liquor license for our growing catering company…and what we found was our dream home. So much more than an event venue, so much potential beyond the bar, Spice Headquarters (as we’ve deemed it so) will be a living, breathing reflection of our core values to produce, procure and prepare the best foods our region has to offer. It is, in essence, a Victory Garden all our own.

Our new building, perched on Detroit & W. 58th, at the gateway to Cleveland’s Gordon Square Arts District, is a place where visitors will be encouraged to interact with their foods in engaging, entertaining and enlightening ways. A restaurant, bar and patio, where guests can kick back and enjoy the freshest meals in the city, balanced by an expertly paired pint. A rooftop accented with planters, where folks can reflect on life while looking out over Lake Erie. It’s a storefront, where customers can bring prepared foods and packaged goods home to their families. And the gardens – oh, the gardens – where we will plant and pick many of our own ingredients…and empower those who support us to do the same.

This is not a new concept, but one that is fresh to a region where the advantages of eating family farmed foods haven’t entirely hit home. Our vision is to broaden the reach, to inspire through taste, to bring more people into the local foods fold so that they may benefit from the health and wellness that it brings to our own bodies and our regional economy.

Coming Soon: Spice Kitchen+Bar. Spice Rack. Spice Acres.

Stay tuned in to our progress here, at our “Before” Flickr gallery and at our Facebook page.



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