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Turning Trash to Treasure: Composting Tips + Tricks

Spice Kitchen + Bar is on a mission. Not only do we prepare entrees and cocktails based on the seasons of our city, we aim to directly decrease our carbon footprint(s). How, you might ask? As the population increases around the world, so does our waste. More shoes, more food, more stuff. Of course we can recycle, reuse goods, buy vintage clothing, and so forth, but composting allows us to reduce waste and reconnect with the environment. At Spice, we’re moving forward in our most sustainable way. When every pepper has been pitted, every onion shelled, the scraps enter the compost pile behind the restaurant. So What? Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic matter. When you compost and use it as mulch in your garden, it naturally increases the organic matter in the earth’s soil. This organic matter is essential for plant development and growth because it increases the … READ MORE

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Coastal Inspiration

We had the good fortune of traveling to both coasts in March – Northern California and Southern North Carolina. While we try to get away on short trips often, this was a 2-week “working vacation” with the specific purpose of gaining new perspectives on taste of place across fresh culinary cultures. Here are some inspiring ideas we found in California that may find their way into some Spice venture somewhere, sometime… Food is All Around Us. For a refreshing splash in our vodka tonics, our Pacific Grove hostess walked two houses down to grab a half dozen Meyer lemons from her neighbor’s tree. And every day, Ben couldn’t resist a little foraging on land and water. This makes local sourcing a breeze…and a given. Farmers’ Markets are Well Stocked & Well Merchandised. Prepared and coordinated foods were a constant, making it easy to spend, spend, spend on dried fruits, pickled peppers, and … READ MORE

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Q+A with Beth Knorr: A Guide to Shopping the Winter Farmers’ Market

Eating fresh, local food is simply a matter of good taste. Whether it’s below freezing outside or the hottest day of the year, one is not hard pressed to find fresh, sustainable produce in Northeast Ohio. And don’t forget the bounty of local famers with quality meat, eggs and cheese, all of which can be found year round at the Countryside Conservancy (CC) Farmers’ Winter Market, which is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this April! CC’s own, Beth Knorr, is one of our go-to gals when it comes to accessing the best food our region has to offer. Here, she walks us through grocery shopping the Countryside Winter Farmers’ Market. Q: When shopping the farmers markets in the winter season, what types of produce should we look for? Beth: Many of the produce vendors who attend during the winters have planted an abundance of things that they can carry over through … READ MORE

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