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The Great Garlic Harvest

You might remember, back in November, when we lovingly placed our five favorite varieties of garlic cloves in the ground and covered them with straw.  The seasons were good to our little guys, who grew into almost 800 heads for our cooking pleasure.


We’ve fielded a few questions about garlic growing in recent months, most commonly, “How do you know when it’s ready to pull out?” Well, timing’s important, but so is your technique.

Step #1: Cover your head with the best protection money can buy.

You’ll thank us later.

Step #2: Press your shovel in deep. Right below the bulbs.

Give it a little jostle.

Step #3: Grab the stem, all the way down at the base. Twist and pull.

Careful, don’t throw your back out.

Step #4: Repeat.

Again and again. And again.

Step #5: Once it comes out, let it rest. Maybe a few days or so. When the cloves get hard, you know it’s ready.


Editor’s Note: Images shown above are a recreation of the actual harvesting event, which was way too dirty to show here. 




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