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Just sell us the chicken coop, ma’am.

The following is a recent email transaction that Ben had with a woman who’s selling a chicken coop on Craigslist. Her post read:

“We purchased this Amish-built tool shed new and converted it into a chicken coop. This deluxe coop will easily hold 20 chickens. Measuring 4′ x 6′ x 8′ it has a dutch door covering a screen door and a small side entrance too. A total of 9 nesting boxes provides ample space for egg laying. Lots of roosting space. Excellent condition, freshly painted in 2011. Can easily be reconverted back into a tool shed should you get rid of your chickens. Must do the majority of the moving yourself but we do have a tractor to help. Price reduced!”

Here’s the coop in question.

Ben: I am interested in the coop. Is it sold yet? Are you interested in any bartering? Please email me.

Lady: Hi, The coop is still available. Not interested in trading for anything though.

Ben: Thank you for the quick response. I am waiting for some funds to fall into place in the next few weeks. I will be in touch shortly. Cheers.

(Two days later).

Ben: Is the coop still available?

Lady: Yes.

Ben: Excellent. I would like to arrange a Monday or Tuesday pickup and pay.

(No response).

This chicken is patiently awaiting response.

(Two weeks later).

Lady: Hi Ben, We have returned home from our vacation to Maine. Are you still interested in the chicken coop?

Ben: Yes I am. I can be available to do a pick up this week. Do you have a skid loader on the farm? Also can you send me dimensions so I may get the appropriate sized trailer. Thank you!

Lady:  I waited two days to hear back from you and finally called someone else that called 3 times while we were away. I just couldn’t wait and lose out on a sale. She is coming to look at it this Sunday….not sure if she will buy it or not but can let you know. Sorry,

Ben: What if i come out thursday morning with cash? Lets not forget i have been waiting on you to return from Maine for 2 weeks. I am ready to purchase if you are ready to sell.

Lady: OK Ben, if you want to pick it up Thursday, that’s fine. The coop is 4′ x 6′ x 8′. It is extremely heavy and it took about 6 men to get it into place when we first brought it home. We have a tractor with a front end loader…and that is all. My husband cannot help load it because he had a bad neck injury a year ago. The moving would be up to you and you would have to give us the $675 before trying to move it . . . as we wont be responsible if it gets damaged during moving. The coop is in a place that you can pretty much drive up next to it, but it is on blocks, so it is awkward. Thoughts?

Here’s the inside of an extremely heavy coop.

Ben: So, you’re saying I need a team of six dudes, one of whom can operate your tractor, to move this extremely heavy coop under my own command off of an awkward set of blocks after I pay you the $675. Coop and tractor, site unseen… What is your address and where is the coop located in relation to the property? I’m gonna google maps your location and get a plan together. Can we chat by phone tomorrow at any point in time? Thank you, sorry about your husbands neck and back.

Editor’s note: Will she sell the coop to Ben? How will they move it? Are chickens worth this much effort? Stay tuned as the coop saga continues…

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6 Responses to Just sell us the chicken coop, ma’am.

  1. lizette says:

    I assume you all are a bit pressed for time which is why you aren’t building your own coop but I must say my husband built ours for less than half this cost. Also, this seems like a bit of a hassle – how much is a new one from the same Amish builders?

    Good luck!

  2. beth says:

    Mobile coop is the way to go! Go onto my website and check out the pictures of it. Built it here onsite with scrap materials…$100 for hardwire cloth mesh. Ask your wife about it, she has seen it.

  3. Doug says:

    We discovered that selecting a coop is the hardest part (so far, anyway) of chicken rearing. We’re closing in on one as our chicks continue to grow fast.

  4. Jackie B. says:

    We always like to explore used options before building or buying new! Thanks for the tip! If this doesn’t work out we may be in touch…

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