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Our SuperStorm Story

Editor’s Note: This issue resolved with a happy ending three days after posting, when Cleveland Public Power replaced the blown transformer. Stop in and try our full dinner menu!

So here’s the deal. We’ve had no three-phase power for the last four days. Cleveland Public Power has not given us definitive answers about when we’ll be back on line (hopefully by next week!). It’s been a little challenging but, considering the circumstances, I think we’ve faired well. We’re offering these items as our “Storm Survivors Menu” with the old catering mentality of “Make do or do without; make it work or work without.” Thank you to Andrea our farm manager for bringing that phrase into our vernacular.

We have a cook outside on the wood grill (so we don’t smoke out the restaurant) firing off steaks and chicken to order. It’s going to be a great time, so sit back, warm up, and enjoy! Thank you for supporting local businesses in these trying times. – Chef Ben Bebenroth

The Storm Survivor Menu

Curried Pumpkin Soup – $8
Market Salad – $8
Cheese + Pickle Plate -$15

Pumpkin Risotto -$15
Wood-grilled Chicken -$21
Wood-grilled Steak -$27

Cappuccino + Chocolate for Two -$15
Cider House Toddy -$9


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