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Party On

For those who may not know, Spice of Life started as a catering company six years ago (actually 10, but don’t tell the tax man), in the basement of Ben’s Gramma’s basement.

Here’s Chef Ben Bebenroth, busting it out in the basement of a Parma bungalow.

…and then we grew into a restaurant.  Usually, it’s the other way around – restaurants open, then offer catering to make an extra buck. But because we started with an event planning mindset…well, we know how to party. Every single day, our core staff works with our clients to help them celebrate life’s greatest occasions with incredible, memorable events.

We’re ready to party.

We don’t host our own parties very often, but when we do, we bring out all those crazy ideas that may not be entirely appropriate for our catering clientele.  Some of you may recall our pre-opening Halloween bash last year (check out the pics) – the promo actually posted a year ago today! It was spooky and fun. We’re doing it again – bigger, badder, but with a few less decorations and more fun to be had.

Join us for The Smashing Pumpkins Party (literally, not musically)

Wednesday, October 31st, pack up that leftover candy and put your kids to bed, then come on out for one last fright on Halloween night!

Wear your costume. Because you can’t bear to part with it just yet.

Bring your jack-o-lantern. Make the climb to the rooftop, launch that sucker onto our patio, and enjoy the satisfying SPLAT! Your pumpkin will love the send off, and our gardens will love the compost.
**Editors note: Rain plan – We will be chucking those pumpkins out the 2nd story window. You will have a chance to hit one of three targets, resulting in a killer prize of some sort.

Order from a frightfully delicious menu. This year, we’ll feature the “Ghosts of Spice’s Past” with menu items named after all the restaurants who’ve come before us (may they RIP).

Don’t sweat the cash flow. There’s no cover – just bring enough to cover bar tab that gets cheaper through the night – it’s reverse happy hour, starting at 8pm!

No reservation required – just show up and spook out.


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