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So long, Spring!

Goodbye, asparagus. Farewell, ramps. See you later, lettuce without holes in it. We’ll miss you too, rhubarb. Summer has arrived in all its sun-drenched glory!

We’re headed into the heat of July with our heads down and eyes up, just a little behind on the restaurant’s seasonal switch out. Next year, we’re hoping to hit up summer solstice with a little celebration, but for now we’re just working to keep the boat afloat while our kitchen gets rocked by a few major events on the horizon.

Oh, Topography, how we love you so.

In the calm before our busy season storm, we took ample time to enjoy both the bounty and the challenges of Spring. Small sprouts reaching toward the sky (very little fresh harvest to work with). Colorful blooms punctuating the fields (winter preserves accenting main dishes). New baby animals wandering about, looking for their mamas (too cute to cook just yet!).

Little lambs @ Brunty Farms

Spice Acres late season blooms

Spring is such a special time, we were very selective in finding the right photographer to capture its place in time for our walls. Barney Taxel was our first choice. As one of the region’s most talented and tenured photogs, he not only nailed our vision, he didn’t even venture into the fields. Pulling directly from his extensive archive, he presented us with a dozen or so pages smattered with springy themes.

Hmmm…a little too large scale.

Oooo, what about these?

A little touch of color to brighten up the walls?

With so many options, it took days of consideration, reaction, compilation and revision before it suddenly came together…

First, the obvious choice for the ladies room hall.


Next, a burst of spring greens for the bar.

Add a touch of soil for good measure.

And roll it out to the public.

Of course, a picture of a picture is never the right way to appreciate the true talent behind the artwork. Come on in all next week for your last chance to see Barney’s work on our walls – unless, of course, you’d like to buy it and experience spring year round (contact us for details)!

Happy Summer!

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