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Sun Kissed Cocktails

Summer’s almost here, folks! And with it – outdoor entertaining season. Are you ready? You might have your grill menu all figured out, but what about the party punch? In the hot summer months, few things are more refreshing than an icy cocktail that keeps the party cool and the conversations flowing.

In that department, our Bar Manager, Dave Hridel, has you covered. Sure, you can come enjoy our farm-to-bar cocktails on the Spice patio anytime…


This Spring’s list.

…but if you’d like to DIY our drink list for your next patio party, we can help you there too!

Introducing our Farm-to-Bar cocktail classes, where you’ll learn learn THREE different cocktails with ONE seasonal ingredient, including practical tips + tricks that you can take home to truly impress your guests.


DIY this drink!

Weather permitting, we’ll host our summer series classes on the patio. You’ll enjoy an entertaining tutorial on three preparations, followed by a largish sample of each cocktail, and some small plates to snack on.

Each class will have its own seasonal fruit theme:

June 23rd: Strawberries
July 21st: Blackberries
August 25th: Peaches
September 29th: Apples

…and feature herbs from our edible landscaping.

Class up your cocktails with a little sprig of something!

Class up your cocktails with a sprig of Summer!

Why not learn a little something new while you drink? Join us for one or more of our Farm-to-Bar cocktail classes. Classes are $40 and space is limited – call 216.961.9637 to reserve your seats!

Make your next party punch a conversation piece.

Make your next party punch a conversation piece.





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