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Sweet. Hot. Bacon. Popcorn.

While we’d love for you to dine with us every evening, we know that cold winter nights often call for a cozy couch, a warm blanket, and a great movie. But what movie night is complete without popcorn?

This particular popcorn recipe is from Chef Ben‘s personal kitchen. It was a strong contender for the fall menu, but our farmers tell us that popping corn is very climate sensitive and didn’t yield the best harvest this season. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for next year.

For those of you who can’t wait, here it is – 8 1/2 easy steps to Sweet Hot Bacon Popcorn.

A taste sensation!

1. Start your day with bacon and eggs. Cook up the whole pack in a frying pan, then pour the fat into a small bowl and save a few strips of bacon for later.
2. Heat a large stock pot on high. Combine a tablespoon each of bacon fat, olive oil, and butter. Wait until this combo starts to smoke a little. Pour 1/3 cup of popcorn seeds* in the smoking pot (we’re big advocates of smoking pots). Cover the pot, but kick the lid to the side to vent the steam.
3. As the popcorn pops, turn down the heat to medium high. Shake the pot back and forth quickly on the stove as the popcorn pops. It’s kind of a pain, but it helps ensure even heat distribution to prevent burning.
4. Once popped, pour your popcorn in a largish bowl (or two if you care to share) and drizzle with another tablespoon of warm bacon fat.
5. Combine equal amounts of salt and sugar in a separate bowl.
5 1/2: Optional – grind the salt/sugar combo with a mortar + pestle – this will make it stick to the corn better.
6. Sprinkle the salt/sugar combo over the bacon-y corn and take a big deep breath – ahhhh, the scrumptious smell of sweet hot bacon popcorn.
7. Garnish with crumbled bacon pieces for that extra crunch.
8. Grab a shovel and dig in.

Lazy variation: Use microwave popcorn – but beware; it might suck.
Vegetarian variation: Use olive oil in lieu of bacon fat.
Bonus variation: Add a tablespoon of sugar during step #2; this will caramelize the corn as it pops to give you a kettle corn effect.

*We recommend Covered Bridge Gardens popping corn, typically found at the Countryside Conservancy Farmers Markets.

Editor’s note:¬†¬†This popcorn makes you want to drink beer. Lots of it. So be sure to pick up a six pack for the perfect pairing.


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