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Q+A with Mackenzie Creamery Owner, Jean Mackenzie

Mackenzie Creamery has been churning out award winning goat cheese for seven years. It all began with a cheesemaking course taken by Jean while on vacation. It was then that she found her calling and got down to business (literally!) on launching her own. In less than six months, Mackenzie Creamery was born in the lower level of her barn in Hiram, Ohio. Since then, Jean has not only grown a successful business and national reputation; she’s also taken her love for the industry to new heights by founding the Ohio Cheese Guild. The farm itself has provided a beautiful backdrop for many Plated Landscape dinners over the years, with equally beautiful dishes inspired by the creamery’s distinctive flavor profiles. Below we interview Jean on what makes her cheeses so special, some fun recipes to try and her mission as a local producer. Q. Mackenzie Creamery is one of the … READ MORE

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Coastal Inspiration

We had the good fortune of traveling to both coasts in March – Northern California and Southern North Carolina. While we try to get away on short trips often, this was a 2-week “working vacation” with the specific purpose of gaining new perspectives on taste of place across fresh culinary cultures. Here are some inspiring ideas we found in California that may find their way into some Spice venture somewhere, sometime… Food is All Around Us. For a refreshing splash in our vodka tonics, our Pacific Grove hostess walked two houses down to grab a half dozen Meyer lemons from her neighbor’s tree. And every day, Ben couldn’t resist a little foraging on land and water. This makes local sourcing a breeze…and a given. Farmers’ Markets are Well Stocked & Well Merchandised. Prepared and coordinated foods were a constant, making it easy to spend, spend, spend on dried fruits, pickled peppers, and … READ MORE

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Q+A with Chef Ben’s mom, Linda Bebenroth

In celebration of Chef Ben Bebenroth‘s birthday last week, we talked to the lady that raised him to be the chef he is today…and helped him find footing (and funding) in the restaurant business.  Linda Bebenroth, Ben’s mom and a Spice investor, has tolerated years of very questionable behavior with the goal of someday seeing her son succeed. Q: What would you say were some of the most important values that you tried to instill in Ben? A: Well, just a sense of family most importantly. When I was home with the kids when they were babies, I made all their baby food from scratch. This was 30 some years ago, before it was the thing to do. We drove to Amish country to buy all our flour and spices. So, for Dave [Ben’s dad] and I, it’s very rewarding to see Ben cooking healthy, wholesome foods. He’s raising his … READ MORE

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