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Q+A with Chef Brandon Walukas: The Spice Summer Menu

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (literally), you’ve probably noticed how unbelievably sizzling hot it’s been. And while this weather may have stunted some of the local produce, it hasn’t slowed down Spice Executive Chef Brandon and his crew from turning out the same mouth-watering dishes 6 days a week. With the Spice Acres in full swing, the creative cook has been experimenting – and the summer menu has never looked better. But be warned, some seasonal favorites have been benched. We’ll get to the bottom of this with a full interrogation of our seasonal mastermind. Q. What’s up with taking the Andouille Burger off the menu? Are you trying to start a customer revolt? And will it ever return? A. I believe in shaking things up. The pickled peppers that we use on the burger aren’t in season, so we wanted to switch it up until they were … READ MORE

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