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It’s on the house.

As any restaurant in town will tell you, there are no shortage of non-profits vying for our attention. We get approached almost every day by energetic do-gooders asking us for a gift certificate donation, a silent auction item, or a raffle prize. While we would love to give, give, give to every cause under the sun, our recent investments in three new businesses┬áhave left us with limited cash flow for the time being, so we need to balance our generosity with the reality of our bank account! If you’re considering contacting us for free things, please be aware that our cause-related giving is generally limited to the missions closest to our hearts: Local food initiatives Community-building programs – bonus points to those located in Detroit Shoreway and surrounding neighborhoods Environmental causes Proactive health and wellness efforts (read: prevent the problem vs. find the cure). When we donate to organizations that … READ MORE

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