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Q+A with Chef Joshua Woo, Our New Director of Culinary Operations

For Chef Joshua Woo, cooking is more than just a job; it’s a way of life. Growing up around southern and traditional Asian cuisines, this particular chef (affectionately known as “Woo!” among the staff) brings a unique perspective to the culinary team at Spice. In this interview, we talk to the Cleveland boomeranger about his background, his opinions on the thriving Cleveland food scene, and his innovative ideas for Spice’s fall menu. This is your second time living in Cleveland: What brought you here initially? About seven or eight years ago, I came up to work after I had graduated from culinary school. Ben [Bebenroth] and I had worked together down in Charleston and we had a good rapport with each other. He was talking about starting his catering company and he needed some help so I decided to come up and help him. I actually lived in his attic … READ MORE

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Q + A with Spice Farm Manager, Andrea Heim

Andrea Heim recently returned from Jamaica after spending the last two years working in the Peace Corps educating the island farmers about organic agriculture. Her new gig as Spice Farm Manager marks her return to farming in the States. Andrea’s planting extends far beyond the Spice Acres Suburbia, the 10,000 sq. ft. plot behind Chef Ben Bebenroth’s home. She’s looking after the 100+ containers on the restaurant roof. She’s building raised beds behind the parking lot. She’s watering lettuces in the hoop houses. Look for her buzzing around the edible landscaping on the patio next time you’re in. All this farming fanatic really needs is some seeds, a little dirt, water and sunlight and she could feed a village…or at least few thousand guests at Spice Kitchen + Bar and Spice of Life Catering Co. this summer. Let’s see what she’s up to. Q. You have quite an interesting background … READ MORE

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On any given Saturday, you might find Gina serving table side at Spice, discussing the flavor profile of our seasonal soup…or the bouquet of an old vine Zinfandel. And you might see Will smiling from behind the bar, or walking the parking lot on security detail. Last Sunday, however, they could both be found on guitar, rocking out The Happy Dog with their band Dead Sweaters.

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