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The War on Deer

The long and short of it is this: Suburban deer have been annailating our crops and totally outsmarting us for five years. They’ve overcome all levels of defense, no matter how extreme, creative or intensive. We’ve tried virtually everything to keep these pesky, voracious creatures away from our food. 1. Wire fence. 2. Electric fence. 3. Slingshot. 4. Multi-layered electric fence. 5. Let the dogs out. (woof. woof.) 6. Piss around the perimeter. 7. Top-line fencing. 8. Deer skull on a stick. 9. Ribbons hanging from top line fencing. 10. Multi-layered, wire, wood, electric, three-dimensional fencing. 11. Mean eyes on ribbons, blowing in the wind. 12. Japenese drums. 13. Paintball gun. None of this has made a dent in the deer’s ability to chomp down our harvest. In fact, deer have eaten so┬ámany of our vegetables, vegetarians might qualify them as edible if we put them on our menu. After … READ MORE

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