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We’ve heard the place was haunted. Ghosts like to party too.

So, we’re in Spice Headquarters no more than a week when the staff starts talking about a party. Do we have a reason to celebrate? Not really. Not yet. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us before we can officially open the restaurant doors. But we are, after all, a catering company. We throw parties. Good ones, from what we hear.

Why not host a spooky Spice Soiree, try out some menu ideas, buy a few kegs, and invite a few folks to stop in and mingle with our resident ghouls?

Here it is, your first chance to check out the new space…and your last chance to see it in all of its ghastly glory before the renovations begin.**

Spice Headquarters Halloween Housewarming
A Pop-Up Party @ 5800 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland
Monday, October 31st, 8:30pm – 2:00am
$5 cover
Free apps that may appear on our restaurant menu
Cash bar featuring new winter brews
Live music from The Lucky Ones
Pumpkin carving contest: Bring your best carvings for a chance to win a Spice Kitchen + Bar Gift Certificate, then lay them to rest in our compost bin.

Come as you are, or wear that costume one more day.

Can’t make it for Monday? Maybe you can join us next time. This is the first in a series of seasonal events we’ll have in the space before the New Year. Why? Well, we just can’t help ourselves.

**We won’t be calling the ghost busters or tearing down the orange wallpaper until the very next day.

Special thanks to Jeff Finley at Go Media for our spooky pumpkin head illustration!

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5 Responses to We’ve heard the place was haunted. Ghosts like to party too.

  1. Jenny Kelley says:

    This sounds fabulous. Hoping to attend!

  2. Jeff Finley says:

    That pumpkin turned out nice!

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